† Christian Choir Trap for Christmas | CVNИVBI$ – Jesus

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23 Responses to “† Christian Choir Trap for Christmas | CVNИVBI$ – Jesus”

  1. The enemies of Our Church have come and gone. Empires rise and fall. But the Church of God shall remain forever.

  2. that one guy says:

    if someone would help me find the background picture i would be very thankful

  3. ReckerX5 says:

    I want that background picture

  4. Use this in for honor being the gladiator

  5. jack vale says:

    Glory forever to all Orthodox brothers! God bless you all! DEUS VULT!

  6. Как называется стиль распева

  7. m thomas says:

    This is the Jesus prayer !!!

  8. kenzie says:

    You are extremely underrated. This is sick

  9. amazing ❤️❤️❤️👌🏾

  10. Omfg. Goose bumps over here.

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