Can US Military Endorse Christian Event? Outreach Bibles

The biased reporting from Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on the decision of the US Air Force to deny a request for an aircraft flyby at a Christian festival in Idaho…


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26 Responses to “Can US Military Endorse Christian Event?”

  1. So, if O'Reilly claims a Festival backed by a Christian organization can have military flybys, then surely he will support U.S. tax dollars to provide military flybys for Festivals of Muslims, Hindus, and Wiccans.

  2. lease2coach1 says:

    Of course it belongs on the "biased" list.
    I had been unaware of this incident. I'm not a huge fan of BHO, but this raises him a bit in my opinion–if indeed it was he who decreed no USAF flyover for a religious event.
    It's amazing that, 60+ years after Everson, people still don't get the idea.

  3. TheTomtuffy says:

    File it with the rest of the fox biased "news".

  4. Will Smith says:

    Bill just shouts at the facts to hide then away. I hate him.

  5. O'Reilet is the antichrist! lol

  6. Of course the US military should not be assisting religions in their missionary endeavours, and of course Bill O'Reilly, true to the actual nature of his "no spin zone," couldn't avoid spin if it came in the form of a hurricane that was trying to rip his head from his shoulders. He'd waltz right on in and tell you that his head, being sucked up in a vortex, was perfectly normal.

  7. Zach Proud says:

    wow why is this guy so dumb. Bill of course

  8. Marchant2 says:

    O'Reilly needs to keep his religion in his ass where it belongs. Don't even his listeners get sick of his screaming at all his guests?

  9. thanks for lettign me know, sometimes i forget

  10. xlrxlr says:

    Haha damn i nearly thought you were for real 😛

  11. xchanxzenx says:

    LiberalViewer is a hell bound hound! Repent, heathen. This is a Nation of Christ's disciples! All others outside the faith must be in subjection to the Church.

  12. Compass427 says:

    Assuming that you are an ancestor of an original founder, your forefathers fought against Britain due to tax and land disputes. Freedom of religious practice was a sidenote – and if we are going to be completely honest here, the original colonies segregated religious practice by state. For instance, Maryland was the only place that Catholics could worship freely in the colonies. Add to this that the founders were not Christians but Deists and your argument becomes fairly moot.

  13. Has everyone just forgotten what our ancestors fought for? They fought and died to secure our Christian freedom, of our Christian nation. My grandfather was right, we don't need a foreign enemy to destroy us when we have people against our nation right in our own yard.

  14. TheTomtuffy says:

    I am shocked that your bias list of O'Reilly is so short,why do americans watch the man ? he is an arsehole of the first order.Stop tuning in and he will get the boot,its as simple as that.Biased news occurs world wide but he takes the piss.

  15. bdabbled2010 says:

    This is why i am no longer a liberal. You want to talk about untruths. Watch liberal news media.

  16. Coramelimane says:

    He also mislead them into thinking Obama personally forbade the airforce from letting the planes fly.

  17. Crucible52 says:

    My question: if the US Air Force was simply doing a flyby for a Christian event… what is wrong with that? I see nothing wrong with that at all. A fly by of several jets == "We endorse Christianity 100% as the only true religion!!" Its called tradition. …PS I hate Bill O'Reilly

  18. @encona101 its more than a joke its the sweet that drips off of satins ball sack

  19. I don't like Christianity. There is plenty of times I have made that point. However, it is their right to have a country music festival. What is not their right is having government owned planes with on-duty soldiers fly over their religious festival just so they can have something to wave flags at. I personally don't think this has anything to do with the first amendment. If I were the president , I would not allow this either simply because it is a waste of tax-dollars. However, specifically

  20. Arin Shadows says:

    "They didn't have an answer for a festival of God and Country in Idaho, that's just stupid"

    Maybe because you, Bill O'Reilly, were shouting Warren down the whole time when we tried to speak the truth about the festival.

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