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US evangelist leads Christian event at Hanoi stadium Outreach Bibles

(9 Dec 2017) More than 10000 Vietnamese filled up a stadium in a rare Christian evangelistic event led by the Rev. Franklin Graham, who said he wants the…


Together 2016 Christian Event Hijacked by 9/23 Satanic Agenda

As we head into fall 2016, things are starting to heat up again. There is some serious stuff uncovered in this video. You will not want to miss it! Reset 2016…


Family Values? D’Souza Brings Mistress to Christian Event

“While attending a conference last month, the president of the King’s College was spotted in the company of a woman other than his wife. At a typical institution…


Christian Youth Event | RAW Overview

An overview of the RAW (Real and Wild) Christian youth event held once a year at various locations in cities and towns. For more information go to…


TNA: Main Event Mafia Annihilate Christian

Subscribe to the Global Wrestling Network for more than 1000 hours of classic and current IMPACT Wrestling matches and events! Start your 30-day free trial…


Christian Archaeologist Jonathan Gray Prooves 7 Biblical Events Actually Took Place

Christian Archaeologist Jonathan Gray Prooves 7 Biblical Events Actually Took Place: Noah’s Ark, Sodom and sulphur balls, Crucifixion site, Joseph’s silos,…


Playing Gospel Music On The Piano

What is the most important part of playing an instrument, no matter what it be? The answer would be varied no doubt, but we all could agree on the fact that music gives us a sense of harmony, peace, and deep thoughts. This is what all musicians strive to achieve.

The piano is an instrument that holds its own. It can be played both solo and accompanying other instruments. It has a sound like no other and can give the pianist joy for a lifetime.

Piano is also used in accordance with religious themes of music. Many people desire to learn how to play gospel music on the piano either because they want to, or perhaps they are the local pianist at their church.
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