Christian vs. Big E Langston: WWE Superstars, Aug. 23, 2013 Outreach Bibles

Christian goes one-on-one with the powerhouse Big E Langston. More WWE -…


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35 Responses to “Christian vs. Big E Langston: WWE Superstars, Aug. 23, 2013”

  1. Prince Ali says:

    Is superstar still showed?

  2. We miss Your ring action Christian

  3. He deserved one more title run

  4. Power Trip says:

    Wow its a shame how a Superstar crowd like this is more lively than today's Raw crowd

  5. 5 pring says:

    Commter sounds like some one from a video game

  6. Amruth R says:

    Underrated superstar who deserved more!!

  7. Christian in hall of fame

  8. Hdc Playz says:

    This was on my birthday

  9. Big E langstone awesome

  10. Loved to see Christian wrestle! Always entertaining and had a great character! Miss him a little bit!

  11. A-N- I-M-E says:

    I miss captain charisma wrestle he was one of the greatest

  12. Jai Den says:

    I am the biggest fan of wwe

  13. Hip Hop Fan says:

    chistian one of the best super star in wwe

  14. Why is Spider-Man on commentary lol

  15. Poor christian, got cheated out of the last title match with alberto because they were gonna unify the titles, then was cheated out of ic title cause alberto gave him a concussion and was forced to reitre

  16. cris bob says:

    OMG critian won 2 tems

  17. redbullboy says:

    man i miss Christian :/

  18. Matt1304 says:

    why the hell is Christian been put on superstars he's a legend!

  19. Cm Ryder says:

    one of the last match of christian

  20. Ghost 101 says:

    Christian is awesome not like the miz

  21. jorge Sousa says:

    outro personagem que faz falta

  22. DANNYdaMANO says:

    Christian on Superstars !!!???

  23. Pablo Meza says:

    I thought it was for the intercontinental championship

  24. y pensar que iban a pelear por el IC title.
    Ziggler sucks

  25. Cyberdeath says:

    wow I really thought Christian was going to lose that one

  26. Christian's arms are like pipe cleaners.

  27. ALAN N says:

    Christian is amazing

  28. TheAgent648 says:

    2:22 omg just do it! you could have won! what the hell is he waiting for lol the other guy slips out every time.

  29. I thought big e was going to win

  30. Christian needs too come back!

  31. Andrew Genus says:

    hate how christian gets injured and got screwed out world title im my wwe 12 he got a decent reign and is a two time world champion give talent decent reign overrated cena needs no more decent reign anyone who calls christian overrated they have no idea what overrated even means 

  32. christian best in the world

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