Clive Christian Event bij Lianne Tio Parfums Outreach Bibles

Bekijk de videoclip met Victoria Christian tijdens een unieke geurpresentatie van Clive Christian bij Lianne Tio Parfums op 20 mei 2009 in…


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  1. amiexpo says:

    X from Clive Christian isn't worth the price.. adding royalty tag doesntmean the perfume is outstanding..!! There are far too many masterpieces which can beat c c by miles.. if u even tested Arabic attars then u will know What I mean.. cc is cleverly marketed hyped fragrance..

  2. DMaster81 says:

    @jreily88 i thought that was the $2,300 version. on the internet the regular No. 1 sells for arouond 700-900 w. the imerial being 2,300

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