Relaxing religious orchestra christian choral music – Sacred church catholic classical songs Outreach Bibles

Beautiful and relaxing orchestral concert choir music. Ecclesiastical choral classical church songs in cathedral. Sacred medieval gospel music. Live Better Media…


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21 Responses to “Relaxing religious orchestra christian choral music – Sacred church catholic classical songs”

  1. Obscurant says:

    Iā€™m (insert apostatical religion here) and I love this song!

  2. šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ˜”šŸ”„ moslim

  3. Eminent Jade says:

    song name of 2:14 or timestamps for all track plz?

  4. I am a Catholic who practices witchcraft but that doesn't matter this is beautiful music every Sunday morning I play this

  5. Porshe says:

    I don't really believe in anything but damn you guys produce such amazing pieces. May you all live on beautifully

  6. Taleb Ali says:

    It is a mistake that the word of God has turned into songs and I know that the Gospel is not the word of God but the only book that did not defy it is the Holy Quran The Word of God I wish to read the Koran translated Thank you

  7. Advance notice – the majority of this appears to be 35 minutes of someone's art music recital, with repertoire that is not scared, bracketed by 20 minutes of sacred music at each end. While the music appears pleasant, not all of it is sacred, so the title of this video is a bit misleading. Moving on to find a compilation that is 100% sacred Catholic Christian Music.

  8. Nefceh says:

    I was christian, now I am not but this music is still very good. Thank the composers not god!

  9. Soul soothing, Quality classical, Deo Gratias

  10. bekir s says:

    Judaism makes sense but christanity ……. I do not know .a human give birth a god !!!!

  11. tugger says:

    some of the tracks are not well mastered and hurt

  12. I'm muslim but i think catholic music is so angelical

  13. Ty G says:

    My mom got mad at me for watching "inappropriate videos" so I'm gonna play this and be like, " to inappropriate for you?"

  14. Christ is coming very soon!

  15. is this the music you listen to when you want to get brainwashed?

  16. This shit goes fuckin hard

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