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18 Responses to “Samson Bible Story – ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )”

  1. GOD is good. All of the time

  2. Jumia bdap says:

    wouldn't it be funny when Samson grew his hair way to his toes

  3. samson. loves delilah so much
    god is good

  4. GOD AS HEAVENLY FATHER! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. look Mark I don't know who you are but GOD is good so shut up ok l make Minecraft videos but I still don't prays GOD so shut up ok good

  6. Well now, isn't that pathetic? stupid story, horrible vid and not worth a moment of one's time. Clearly the creation is from Satan's anal canal, and I for one am very much offended by this nastiness. But I must admit that those scenes with Jesus up on that cross, and making wise-ass joke and shit, well, that gives me an erection everytime. You too, guys?

  7. Destine Lee says:

    Why would she do if she loves samson?

  8. Religion keeping cultures apart for centuries as proof in this video!!

  9. This is not right because Delilah trick Samson and went with the bad guys and she agreed with the bad guys and cut off Samson's hair and after that she got the money

  10. zike says:

    the lord is the same as today and tomoro holy x )

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