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37 Responses to “The Good Samaritan Bible Story for Kids – ( Children Christian Bible Cartoon Movie )”

  1. Lin Lynn says:

    I have been looking forever for what this movie was and I finally found it. Watched this all the time growing up.

  2. And aman to god and the video and who made this video is good and happy to make this video and god is happy now in 2018

  3. Aaron says:

    God's not real and so is santa

  4. This is nice, but Samaritans are Israelites too from Samaria. It would have been more accurate to refer to the victim as Jew.

  5. Brainwashing young children😔 something worth showing them is how evolution works, you know because its facts…🙄🤔

  6. Please god forgive me for what wrong stuffy i did and i want u to forgive my friends as u forgive me thanks allot

  7. You've got a new subscriber for love, God bless you ❤😇

  8. And god is good all the time

  9. god is my life god is my soul

  10. God is lhcnkckkk jhh khloe😭

  11. don't dislike God will be mad

  12. God is wonderful ,God is mighty powerful and great ,God I love you and I don't want my life to go astray I want to know more of you and I want to have more wisdom and knowledge of him

  13. Thank god for all my neighbors

  14. What program did you use for the animation?

  15. Fluffy Dove says:

    Why are there dislikes on this Some people have no heart.

  16. im 13 but I love these because these stories build my faith more in God

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